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for that. what we do know about dzhokar tsarnaev was he was involved in a ferocious firefight with the police last night. his brother was killed in that firefight. what we have not been able to determine what, the police apparently do not know themselves is whether dzhokar might have been wounded in that firefight. we have no idea, but when you listen to the firefight that was. >> reporter:ed on videotape, when you hear police officials tell you 200 rowns were exchanged and the brother was killed, if dzhokar tsarnaev was not wounded in that firefierkt it would be a very surprising thing. but, again, we do not have solid information on that. the police themselves paecial do not know. he escaped on foot in the night while that firefight was under way. a police officer was gravely wounded, shot in that firefight, and dzhokar's brother, 26-year-old tamerlan, was killed. so we want to bring you up on date on where we are right now and what you're seeing. this is a neighborhood in watertown, massachusetts, north of the charles river from boston. this has been the area that police ha
:00 that suspect number two, when who has been identified as dzhokar tsarnaev escaped last night's shootout. his older brother died. that's confirmed as well. and we were told today at the press conference, i think much to people's astonishment that dzhokar tsarnaev escaped on foot. and how could he possibly escape the scene on foot and be far away, and now if that is the case and he is in the boat and just a square mile away, that it makes sense he found somewhere to hide in intervening hours. >> yeah. a couple of interesting things should be pointed out. one, first of all, it is really remarkable that he was not discovered last night. because the police presence that was on the ground in this very concentrated area was unlike anything i had ever seen. there were literally hundreds of officers and equipped in tactical outfits and flak jackets and armed with assault rifles going through the neighborhood. there were at least a half dozen different agencies responding, including state police and the fbi. i had never seen a police presence like this. and that includes things like the beltway sniper
it did not come peacefully. >> early friday evening gunfire erupted in watertown. dzhokar tsarnaev was apparently putting up a fight after finding himself surrounded by police. what followed was a tense standoff with the 19-year-old tsarnaev. friday night ending would be different, unlike his older brother, the youngest tsarnaev would be captured, injured but alive. this photo shows tsarnaev being transferred to an ambulance. we are told he is now in serious condition. the art of dzhokar tsarnaev was greeted by cheers. we'll have a live report from poppy harlow to the reaction of the arrest. >>> friday night's dramatic events followed a massive manhunt. after thursday night's gun fight that resulted in the death of his older brother, dzhokar tsarnaev was finally cornered late friday afternoon hiding on a boat in the backyard of a watertown home. now we go to cnn's edward davis. >> he exchanged gunfire with the police this afternoon. >> there was an exchange back and forth of gunfire this afternoon in the boat location, is that correct? >> that's correct. that's what i've been told.
and was pronounced dead a short time later. his younger brother dzhokar tsarnaev is due on foot and a manhunt has been intense throughout the day and to this very hour and door-to-door searches taking place across the region as they have all day long. blackhawk helicopters descending upon the region along with the national guard aiding in the search that is so far not yielding any results. train service in boston is suspended and businesses are told to remain closed the boston bruins and red sox canceled their games for tonight and the search goes on for one of the terrorist who is armed and dangerous looking to kill even more americans. we begin in watertown massachusetts where moments ago shots were fired we are of life from the scene with the very latest. >> in the last five or six minutes shots were heard with the massive police response and armored personnel carriers, a s.w.a.t. teams and ambulance as well as dozens of police cars screaming down the street police helicopter up in the air this occurred half an hour after the police and governor patrick ended a police conference admitting it s
for the second suspect. massachusetts police just released these images today. they show dzhokar tsarnaev wounded and widing in a boat just moments before he was captured yesterday. ♪ sweet caroline. >> neil diamond sang his "sweet caroline" a song sung at red sox home games. a sense of pride and loss emanated from the crowd. ama daetz joins us live from boston tonight with the story of a city's strength. >> ama: i'm standing here at one of the barricades on boylston street, and just to my right here is the area that been shut down all week after the bombings monday morning. today, saturday, boston is coming back alive, now that the second beening suspect has been captured. >> won't you join us as we observe a moment of silence. >> after a solemn moment at fenway park honoring the victims of the bombings, the red sox and told the world and their fans they're were finished living in fear. less than 24 hours ago it was a much different feeling. as the intense manhunt for the second bombing suspect came a close. hours after dzhokar's older brother was killed in a shootout, resident discovered the
it was much different feeling. the intense manhunt for dzhokar tsarnaev came to a close. hours after his older brother was killed in a shootout. they discovered him hiding and bleeding in a boat. >> we have a movement in the boat. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news, a neighbor of the boat owner described the chaos. >> had been yelling, joe, get out, get out. >> he is unable to communicate with a heavy police presence surrounding his hospital room. >> we have a million questions and those questions need to be answered. >> the brothers came to the u.s. and became athletes and attended top boston schools. then after spending several months in russia, tamerian urged jihad and dzhokar tsarnaev posted anti-american tweets. the people of boston are finally >> we're going to get right back up again. >> in a sign of unity today, the entire crowd at red sox game they sang the national anthem together. >> katie: we're learning more tonight about what it took to track down the suspect. five-day nightmare ended when dzhokar tsarnaev was found in a boat of a watertownhome. the 19-year-old you can se
dzhokar tsarnaev hiding in a boat in watertown, massachusetts. that's an infrared image of him there. right now, the 19 year old can't speak because of his injuries. he has a wound in his neck. stacey cohan has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a five-day nightmare for the entire boston area concluded friday night as 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev was found and captured -- from his hiding place -- a boat in the backyard of a watertown home. >> we had a couple thousand police officers on scene, the turn out was just incredible. >> reporter: police launched a massive manhunt late thursday -- chasing dzhokar and his brother tamerlan tsarnaev -- who later died in a shootout with police. saturday, the suspect's uncle urged his nephew be honest and tell authorites everything >> i'm relieved that he's alive first of all that there's now a chance to find out who was behind it. second of all i stress that there is a chance for dzhokar to seek forgiveness. >> reporter: on saturday governor deval patrick spoke to reporters saying tsarnaev is not yet able to communicate -- but hopes th
-day nightmare ended last night when dzhokar tsarnaev was found in the back of a boat in the back yard of a home. when he was found he initially refused to come out of the boat. >> you could tell he was alive and moving, and we began the negotiations that way, and over a long period of time we were able to finally get him to surrender. >> in an expliews -- exclusive interview, neighbor of towboat owner, described the chaos. >> yelling: get out, get out, get out. >> the suspect was rushed to the hospital and watertown residents gathered in the streets streetsr the law enforcement. >>> the younger brother remains in the hospital right now. 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev is in serious bit stable condition. authorities say he is unlikely to be able to communicate yet. >> the fbi has updated his wanted poster to say, captured, under his picture. a public defender will represent him in court. he is expected to be charged under federal law, which means he could face the death penalty, and will also be questioned without having miranda rights read to hem. authorities invoked a rare public safety exceptio
as possible because there are "serious issues regarding possible interrogation." now that dzhokar tsarnaev is in custody the world is waiting to see what's next for the 19-year-old. stacey cohan has the very >> reporter: a five-day nightmare for the entire boston area concluded friday night as 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev was found and captured -- from his hiding place -- a boat in the backyard of a watertown home. >> we had a couple thousand police officers on scene. we had tactical people to close the scene down and secure it. we took our time to make sure that everyone was safe >> reporter: police launched a massive manhunt late thursday -- chasing dzhokar and his brother tamerlan tsarnaev -- who later died in a shootout with police. when dzhokar was found -- the bloodied man initially refused to come out of the boat. >> we could tell he was alive and moving and began negotiations that way and over a long period of time we were able to get him to >> reporter: the suspect was rushed to the hospital and watertown residents gathered in the enforcement today, the suspect's uncle is urging h
dzhokar tsarnaev is aquake and they're questioning him regarding whether he had accomplices or if there are unexplode bombs in the area. the issue is that he still has a severe wound to his neck so he is not able to speak. right now he is communicating through writing. this is nearly one week since the terror attack. ♪ >> the grieving and healing continues in boston, with families gathering to honor the victims at sunday mass. ♪ america, america,. ♪ god shed his grace on thee -- . >> a growing memorial at the finish line. >> we had to do this for the children, our children, and the children of boston and everywhere. reporter: charges are expected to be filed soon against the second suspect. dzhokar sauer never. >> and the an elite federal investigation team is standing by, wanting to know where they trained, who they trained with, and whether any other attacks were planned. >> they had other bombs. they didn't think they would get caught and were probably planning to do something else. >> of an intense shotout, tamerlan was killed, and this video shows the final showdo
how authorities are monitoring the surviving boston bombing suspect. 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev waking up this morning in a federal prison hospital and confined to a small cell with a steel door. authorities say that he hasn't spoken much since he was read his miranda rights. good morning. welcome to america's i'm heather childers with n for jamie colby. >>> i'm eric shawn. he is being kept under heavy facility. he is right now at the federal medical center, located on the ground of a former army base. it's right in the middle of the state. it is designed specifically for inmates in need of long term medical care. they ce more secure than he potentially was at the hospital in downtown boston. david lee miller is live near that bombing site. good morning david lee. >> reporter: good morning. ordinarily on a sunday morning the square behind me would be quiet and sleepy. that is not the case this morning. almost two weeks after the double bombings took place just a few hundred feet where i am now. take a look over my shoulder. off in the distance you can see the makeshift memorial
-year-old girl. the older son. seven years older than the younger brother. dzhokar, who is still at large, and somebody who is relatively normal, relatively well-liked, welltively ingrained in society, well liked by friends in school, and turned him into somebody who can drop the bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old? >> seems inexplicable but we'll be hearing from behavioral scientists and specialists as the pieces of the puzzle put together as to what happened in both of their lives. perhaps their could be a hero syndrome. hero worship, and the younger brother fell under the spell of the heavily radicalized older brother. >> is there any way these two pulled this off by themselves? >> yes. yes. >> megyn: you don't rule out the notion these are two lone wolves working together, not connected to anybody else or anything else. no as an outsider from the investigation but having experience, no, wouldn't rule out anything. on one end of the spectrum you could have a plausible scenario where the older brother traveled, then sought training, received the training, and maybe even some control o
in the capture of the bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev, we have new pictures of the surviving suspect as he tried to hide from police. the latest on the investigation. >> ♪ hallelujah... >> axelrod: a stirring day at fenway park. red sox fans pay tribute to the resolve of all those who responded to the attack. an and a boston marathon champion eow in london with a message of resilience as she gets ready for her next marathon tomorrow. >> you can't live your life in fear. i mean, anything could happen anywhere. re captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. "we are boston, we are strong, we are boston strong"-- that was the message of an emotional ceremony at fenway park before the boston red sox game this afternoon and the feeling throughout the city after the capture of dzhokar tsarnaev, suspect number two, in the boston marathon bombing. here's the latest. tsarnaev is in serious condition in the hospital, under heavy tard. he is unable to talk to investigators, we are told. no charges have been filed yet. s bombing victims are still i
, y en el hospital se le presentraon cargos, tenemos los detalles a continuación >>> a dzhokar tsarnáev se le acusa de usar armas de destrucción masiva y usar dispositivos con explosivos, al acusado se le procesárá por la justicia civil la ley no permite juzgar a los estadounidenses en cortes militares, esto ante los detalles desconocidos de la secuencia de los atentados, uno de los videos registra que 11 minutos antes de la explosión el 15 de abril se ve a dos hombres, los hermanos cargando mochilas grandes, el sospechoso número 1, tamerlan tsarnáev, camina a la recta final de la maratón a las 2 y 45 el sospechoso número 2, dzhokar tsarnáev y hermano menor, se ve cuando tiene el pulgar derecho bajo la manija de su mochila y 15 minutos más adelante se ve cuando pone su mochila en el pavimento, después se ve a la gente reaccionando a la explosión y él se ve solo y calmado el hermano menor deja la mochila abandonada, también el fbi publica videos de los sospechosos, en ese mismo día, se recibe el reporte que un hombre se robó un automóvil en cambridge, massachusetts, t
in new york city's times square times square. tamerlan tsarnaev and dzhokar tsarnaev had a pressure cooker bomb and 5 pipe bombs left over from the boston marathon bombings. new york mayor michael bloomberg said this information came from hospital interrogations of the younger brother, dzhokar tsarnaev. >> he told the fbi he and his brother intended to drive to new york and designate additional explosives in times square. >> dzhokar tsarnaev had been questioned for 16 hours before receiving his miranda warning. from that point on he remained silent. >> more developments in the boston marathon bombings. in the investigation. searchers went through a landfill in massachusetts. media reports say they are looking for receipts or packages from ammunition purchases of parts of homemade bombs. the fbi director traveled to boston and met with members working on the investigation. and the father of the suspects say he will be in the u.s. to visit his son. >>> the boy from martinez who was injured in the boston marathon bombings today visited the site of the attacks. he and his parents return
dzhokar tsarnaev. >> the bay area muslim community condemned the boston marathon attacks. ♪ >> protesters were in and around san francisco's civic center plaza to demand justice against dzhokar and tamerlan tsarnaev. marchers called the brothers radicals and -- >> the boston marathon attack, muslims believe in peace and we're here to spread our message that any kind of violence is unacceptable and we condemn it. >> the protests called attention to the ongoing persecution of shia muslims in several countries. >>> it will be two weeks ago tomorrow when two bombs exploded during the boston marathon. tonight, there's a in rink until the investigation of the crime. when one of the suspects was on the phone with his mother, they weren't the only ones on the line. here's the story. >> the reasons unknown russian intelligence was wire tapping a telephone call between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother, in 2011. and whatever they overheard, it was enough to ask the tows investigate him. it may have to do with a six-month visit tamerlan made in russia. >> we have to do a lot of investigation in russi
that point, we know that he had not been able to be located dzhokar tsarnaev with a search of watertown but it just appears that 1 mi. from where i am not located at that they have found them. reporting live, back to you. >> pam: you disturb a live report from the scene that there is activity. that this second suspect has been handed down. there has been reports of flashback explosions and he has been-- pinned down. another day of boston people on edge. on the phone with us david fisher action we've a live report, from david fisher he is a terrorist specialist. can you give us a sense of how things are unfolding? can you hear us? >> pam: hello? >> yes i can hear you. pam, there is a real conflict here. want to be endangered. and i hope that we can do everything possible to arrest this suspect because he has a lot of information that only he can answer. we're hoping that the is able to be captured, alive. >> pam: what is your sense of these brothers with their pictures shown. and leading us to where we are, now. >> very rapidly. frankly, in other such cases it has taken longer. but now,
>>> así es, qué tal, enrique acevedo, efectivamente está en custodia dzhokar tsarnáev de 19 años esa era la noticia que estábamos esperando por vario sdias y ya lo confirmaron las autoridades ycm dice las autoridades la población puede dormir tranquilamente esta noche . >>> con aplausos y vítores los residentes del vecindario celebraron al saber que el segundo sospechoso del incidente de la maratón de boston estaba detenido. >>> un residencia vio al sujeto herido y llamó a la policía. >>> los agentes lo rodearon pero dzhokar tsarnáev respondió con una ráfaga de tiros, la policía respondió y aunque el propósito era capturarlo con vida fue llvo entonces, al hospital. >>> la fiscal del estado dice que su trabajo no termina y que la investigación continúa >>> el gobernador de massachusetts se mostró agradecido, el presidente barack obama dice que se investigará lo sucedido mientras el presidente obama. >>> los hermanos aproximadamente a la media noche robaron un auto y provocaron una persecuciÓn policial. >>> a la madrugada escuchamos sirenas y habÍa como 50 autos de la po
: after a massive manhunt police tracking down dzhokar tsarnaev to a boat in the backyard. how did they do it? mark furman joins uss it is always fun to see the police almost to a surgical operation he is in custody and alive and question him to figure out his motives but it was a great operation to night? >> it certainly was. most of my questions as the perimeter was set up is was that large enough and was he able to get outside the perimeter and was there enough personnel tutsi-led off? the answer to both is yes. i have a feeling he got as far as he could until the perimeter started to close and then he found the boat. greta: i understand that the bombing was planned obviously they had to make the bomb and figure out a way to deliver and drop them and get out of there but then they stuck around. this is their neighborhood and a city and ttey never left and that is baffling. >> i would agree and i don't suspect we could answer that question. i and my sure he will but if you look at the evidence they did not apply all of the items that the marathon is a lie suspected another location they
bombings off the streets and in custody. 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev was found hiding in a boat last night arrested after boston and suburbs were put on day long lock down. more than a million residents told to stay inside as they went door to door searching for the suspect. >> i was cooped up in my house for the last 24 hours wondering if the guy was in my backyard, in my garage or in my neighborhood. >> and he was. cowering bleeding after a shootout with police. his co-conspire terrify was dead. had he executed an m.i.t. officer and led employs a wild chase. an ethnic chechnyan who lived here got away but not for long. his arrest was operationed by the president. >> we have closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> and by this community still in mourning. >> it brings a sigh of relief and it allows us to start the healing process. >> dzhokar tsarnaev he was listed in serious condition. we don't know the extent of his injuries but they were bad enough that investigators were unable to question him about his motive. >>> an odd twist in thursday's death of an m.i.t. campus officer tha
marathon bombing is awake and answering questions. 19-year-old dzhokar tsaranev is in the hospital. in serious but stable condition. but law enforcement officials say he is responding to some questions in writing. they especially want to know if there is an imminent threat out there from others he may have worked with or from unexploded bombs. all day, we've been watching these riveting images behind me. this is infrared video shot from a helicopter. it shows stun grenades lobbed into the boat where the suspect was hiding right before he was taken. martha raddatz has the story. >> reporter: the video images show the dramatic end to the manhunt more clearly than anything we have seen. the police helicopter hovers in the darkness, holding steady. the natural heat from the suspect's body, making a near-perfect outline through thermal imaging, despite t tarp that covers him. he is lying on his back. his head to the right, feet to the left. then, a flash, a bang. police toss a stun grenade, meant to confuse the suspect. then, another. followed by a third. and then, watch. at first, moti
-day search of a landfill 60 miles south of boston near where dzhokar tsarnaev attended college. sources say investigators were looking for laptop computers as they try to determine what shape the tsarnaev brothers' views. investigators believed the brothers were influenced by the online preachings of islamic radicals, include anwar al-awlaki. >> the simple answer is america cannot and will not win. >> reporter: the american-born cleric was a leader of al qaeda's affiliate iniemen and linked to multiple plots in the u.s., among them, the attempted underwear bombing of a detroit-bound airliner on christmas day. al-awlaki was killed in a u.s. drone strike in 2011. authorities are also examining what they believe to be a twitter account of dzhokar tsarnaev, which includes a tweet in russian last year saying, "i will get killed young." but tsarnaev may have shared that account with another person. in watertown, where dzhokar tsarnaev was captured eight days ago, investigators towed away the boat where he had been hiding. police now say the 19-year-old did not have a weapon and did not shoot hims
night. as you said, scott, 200 rounds. it is his younger brother, dzhokar, who is only 19, a college sophomore, who is apparently in hiding right now in that boat in the backyard in watertown. >> pelley: if, indeed, he is the one that the police have cornered in that backyard. anthony, thank you very much. anthony was mentioning, john miller, this surprising telephone call that the older brother made to the uncle who hadn't spoken to in years. you were telling me earlier that a trained police investigator would have been very worried about that development. >> one of the things they teach you in the hostage negotiating courses is when somebody says, well, i want to -- before i come out i want to talk to my mom. i want to call my dad, i want to talk to my sister. and you know they always say well, why don't you come out and we'll put you in touch with them. and they say no, i want to make these calls now. that sends out the signals of what -- a phenocall suicide ritual. which is people want to have a chance to say good-bye, close out certain matters. in this case, the idea that on the
the raid and gunfight last night in massachusetts. the hunt is on right now for dzhokar tsarnev. a 19-year-old we're told is on the run. imagine being him. his older brother killed last night. how he escaped is anyone's guess. where he is, anyone's guest. but taking it from fbi officials who are trying to track him down and almost anyone working national security trying to track him down, he is considered very armed, very dangerous, and when it comes to all things terror, all too good. more after this. before 36 families could move from shelters into brand-new apartments... before rooftops were transformed into electrical generators... before an abandoned lot in brookly could become a vibrant neighborhood... and before hannah seliem could close her very first door to her very first bedroom... an architect, a developer, and our commercial banker, met over lunch and shared a vision. that's the power of connecting an idea to a community. that's bank of america. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
could come as early as today against the surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. they are questioning the 19-year-old in his hospital bed. we can't confirm that. the reports are he is responding substantively via writing because they said he had shot himself in the head and mismisfiring and cannot speak. and older brother's wife, katherine russell she converted to islam at the request of her husband and could potentially be a treasure trove of information on this man. our chief correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are focusing on tamerian tsarnaev trip to russia and whether he had contact with other suspected terrorists. republican briefed by an assistant director the bureau believed the brothers had outside help. >> the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. and every intelligence agency we have is scrambling to figure out what is coming next. who were they associated with? with these two guys lone wolves. it's cleared they were tied to international terrorist groups in chechnya. are they tied to al-qaeda? we don't know yet. >> they sent a letter to the bureau
are trying to zero in on whether or not the suspect, dzhokar, the younger brother, tsarnaev, had terrorist training. now, for older brother, who obviously is dead, has been living -- lived in the united states since 2007. what is your gut in terms of whether or not these two have had training in terrorism and whether or not that training took place in the u.s. or elsewhere? >> from my point of view, you don't need much terrorism training to do what they did. it was very simple, very basic. you can learn how to build these devices on the internet. you can learn some of the tactics of some previous bombings. it was an act of cowardice putting it near children and innocent people. i don't think you need any specialized training to do what they did. they stayed in the area immediately thereafter, didn't try to conceal themselves, et cetera. >> why is it so easy to learn how to build a bomb on the internet? you know, no one is more for free speech than me, but let's face it. you could learn how to build this thing on the internet. is there anything we can do in a free society to ensure that it'
to normal. >> law enforcement sources tell abc news dzhokar tsarnaev is awake in a boston hospital and being questioned about possible accomplices and unexploded bombs. he is responding in writing due to a serious throat injuries. >> they had other bombs and other explosives and they were planning to do something else. >> this is the first moment that the interrogation team has spoken to him since the manhunt. >> new video shows him hiding in a boat as stun grenades exploded. his older brother was killed in another police shootout and they are looking to a recent trip of russia that is a hotbed of islamic activity. >> from there, what happened a marathon day. >> federal authorities say the amount of evidence is overwhelming including this photo showing him placing a bomb near eight-year-old martin richard who was killed. families gathered at sunday mass to remember the victims. a wake was held for 29-year-old chris al campbell that will be laid to rest on monday. more than 50 people remain hospitalized. >> at mass, she credits her friend for saving her life and carrying her to safety. >> her
because i am furious. it has been less than a week since i-- well, we nabbed alleged boston bomber dzhokar tsarnaev. am i pronouncing that correctly? >> the "d" is silent. >> thank you d-django. the f.b.i. and the boston police did a her oak job catching the chechen terrorist after he tried to escape on a landlocked boat. ( laughter ). but now our secret chechen president has screwed the whole thing up. >> dzhokar tsarnaev has told f.b.i. agents about his role in the bombings but was we've just learned he did so before being advised of his moosh rights. >> investigators say the surviving bomb suspect has now stopped talking to them after he was read his miranda rights. >> stephen: no! why did we read him his miranda rights? if anything we should have read him his samantha rights. you give him three cosmos, and, girlfriend, he starts to dish. now, now he knows he has the right to remain silent, and things were going so well. right, "fox & friends"? >> turns out the bombing suspect in boston was singing like a canary until the judge showed up. and read him his rights. >> so before he was re
scanners as s.w.a.t. teams converged on dzhokar tsarnaev's hiding place last night. he climbed into a family's boat that was in the family's backyard after a shootout with police happened about 1:30 a.m. thursday night into friday that left his brother dead. whole day the police searched where the younger brother was. when this particular homeowner went outside of his house, he noticed blood on his boat. that is when he lifted the tarp and saw what looked like a crumpled body. his frantic 911 call triggering a massive police response that ended in the suspect's capture. he was captured alive. george lives a few doors down from where dzhokar tsarnaev was hiding. he joins us now by phone. george, amazing to talk to you. thank you so much. what was the first word that you had from the boat and homeowner we're talking about that he had found dzhokar tsarnaev? >> well, it was about 6:00 and i was out in the yard and grandkids and enjoying the last part of the day. i looked over and i saw my neighbor on the porch. it was a police officer holding him. he had a gray sweater on and i sa
the this and i.d.ded themselves on security video not sow much for what they did but what hedo. dzhokar tsarnaev did not react with surprise when the initial bombs went off. he was standing with a crowd when the first bomb went off, and virtually every head turns towards the finish line, and apparent bewilderment and alarm. bomber two, dzhokar tsarnaev, virtually alone at the restaurant, appears calm. he glances east and then calmly but deliberately wrappedly heads to the west and ten seconds later the second bomb goes off. also what we see from the criminal complaint is that they identified themselves on the night of that gun battle and car chase. that coming from the carjacking victim, who tells police officers that one of the men apparently tamerlan, opened the door to his car, pointed a gun at him and said, did you hear about the boston bombings? i did that. he showed him the gun he was carrying was loaded and said, i'm serious. the court documents detail the scent gun battle. the homemade bombs being thrown out of the car and also talk about the wounds dzhokar had when he surrendered. gunsh
bombings is no longer sharing the same hospital as some of his alleged victims. u.s. marshals moved dzhokar tsarnaev in the dead of the night, taking him to a federal prison medical facility on a decommissioned army base 40 miles west of boston. the suspect's condition was updated to fair. he has apparent gunshot wounds to his head, throat, legs, and hand. in the meantime we're getting the incredible story from the man who says he barely escaped from the suspected bomber, the carjacking victim, who spent a terrifying hour and a half face-to-face with the two brothers. the chinese citizen says he was terrified, but he managed to play it cool, even talking with the two suspects about girls and the latest iphone model and whether anybody still listens to cds. when the victim's cell phone rang he says he older suspect said, if you say a single word in chinese, i will kill you right now. the victim says he told the person on the phone, i'm sleeping in my friend0s home tonight. i have to go. tamerlan told him, good boy. the victim says, he did anything he could to get the suspects to spare his li
a dzhokar tsarnáev el sospechoso número 2, estaba en un bote tras una casa, participaron cientos de policías locales y federales, apoyados por helicópteros, tanquetas, grupos de control de bombtas. >>> después de ser capturado, dzhokar tsarnáev fue llevado al hospital, mientras que su hermano tamerlan tsarnáev fue muerto esta noche. >>> dzhokar tsarnáev el segundo sospechoso de las explosiones de boston fue arrestado vivo, está en malas condiciones, y está vivo después de un operativo que duró aproximadamente 18 horas, cientos de agentes de la policía, del fbi y también del atf fueron parte del operativo en una casa en watertown, donde le dueño de un bote, estacionado en la parte trasera de una casa alertó a las autoridades que había visto un hombre, por lo que las autoridades lograron la aprehensión, así que inmediatamente después las autoridades lograron el arresto, es la información que tenemos desde boston. >>> muchas gracias, enrique acevedo, el presidente barack obama aseguró esta noche que estados unidos está en deuda con los agentes y el pueblo de boston, obama
. >> the orders went out to do everything to cap tour 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev alive, even after an initial exchange of gunfire. phloem white house down the priority is to learn the motives for the attack. three people were killed and 180 were severely wounded. >> we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations these terrorists may have had. >> sir never was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but once he is conscious a special team of agents will question him without telling him he has a right to remain silent or without a lawyer, for 50 minutes. >> there's a public safety exemption in cases of national security and since the charms involving acts of terrorism so the government has the opportunity. >> the dramatic events unfolded just after authorities lifted a lockdown on water town, the man who lived in this house, went outside and saw blood on his boat. his neighbor picks 'the story. >> started to open up the zipper and looked inside and he saw blood, and then he looked and his deck has a box, the engine box before the deck, and he looked at what he though
everything to cap tour 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev alive, even after an initial exchange of gunfire. phloem white house down the priority is to learn the motives for the attack. three people were killed and 180 were severely wounded. >> we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations these terrorists may have had. >> sir never was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but once he is conscious a special team of agents will question him without telling him he has a right to remain silent or without a lawyer, for 50 minutes. >> there's a public safety exemption in cases of national security and since the charms involving acts of terrorism so the government has the opportunity. >> the dramatic events unfolded just after authorities lifted a lockdown on water town, the man who lived in this house, went outside and saw blood on his boat. his neighbor picks 'the story. >> starteden up the zipper and looked inside and he saw blood, and then he looked and his deck has a box, the engine box before the deck, and he looked at what he thought was a body right behind the box.
taking 19 year old dzhokar tsarnaev into custody two hours ago and after the manhunt leading to a backyard in watertown the first shots of gunfire in the neighborhood holy holy. [gun shots] greta: soon after the neighbors saw and heard around of gun blasts. then the were the suspect was hiding in a boat outside a watertown home. >> a call came in to the police and fbi agents responded to franklin street. and a man had come out of his house after being inside all day he walked outside and saw blood on the boat in the backyard. he opened the tarp and he looked in to see that man covered in blood and retreated and called us. we set up a perimeter around the boat and over the course of the next hour we exchanged gunfire with the suspect and ultimately the hostage rescue team and fbi made an injury to remove the suspect who was still alive. >> talk about the imperative to take him alive. >> brieux's want to take them alive. >> via understand but talk about why. >> we always want to take somebody alive to find out what happened. >> how badly injured? >> the team did try to negotiat
that they believe planted the second bomb, his name is dzhokar tsarnaev. he's the one who is 19 years old. we're told that his brother, the one, who died is 26. became a legal permanent resident in 2007 and was born in russia. we're told that they both came to the country with their number in 2002 or 2003. they've been in the u.s. for nearly ten years it would appear. we're certainly very familiar with the united states and certainly comfortable moving around here. you may remember when the police chased them into watertown, they stopped the suv that they carjacked. the older one wearing the black hat at the photographs in the boston marathon was strapped with explosives and police shot and killed him and i'm told by authorities now that when dzhokar, who is the one they are still looking for, when he drove away, he drove over his brother to get away. >> pete williams, we have more information about these two suspects. terror suspects in the boston marathon attacks. dzhokar tsarnaev. an interesting piece of information that they have been residing in the united states for a period up to ten y
at the same time. >> and the younger brother at large, dzhokar tsarnaev, mr. mayor, what's your sense in terms of those working with him? we have been talking about the possibility of accomplices. what do you think? could this have been undertaken just these two individuals, or would your gut say there are others involved? >> i doubt it's just the two of them. i don't expect it's a big organization. i don't expect that this is, you know, some kind of gigantic organization we're dealing with, but i do think it's more than two people. it seems to me they had an awful lot available to them when they were captured. he's involved in something now where it seems to me he's probably getting some kind of help. i think you would have to go on the premise that there's a small organization supporting them. and it would be better to go on that premise than to assume that there isn't. >> if that's right, there has to be then a series of parallel investigations that are going on. obviously, there's a lot of people being brought to bear. you've now dealt with a number of terrorist investigations. how many pa
a gun shot with police on early friday. his younger brother. dzhokar tsarnaev to was a shootout with police and he was taken to the same hospital when his older brother where his older brother died. >> this was truly an intense investigation. as a result of that justice is being served for the victims of these terrible crimes. for >> reporter: while these images continue to haunt the community they are breathing a little easier. for law enforcement the work is not done. >> this senseless tax and the families deserve an answer. the wounded have to learn how to stand, walk, live and deserve answers. >> reporter: just information coming and from an official the federal prosecutors are at hospital right now. working on possible charges and the camping gear since last night. and it is important to note that we remember the victim's and word that stance at this moment. 50 victims are still lead area hospitals. and they are still in critical victim's. reporting live in boston, tory done last name -- dunnin.. >> and after a gun battle. the suspect, joe- kar tsarnaev, was captured by po
correspondent that a federal judge showed up at the hospital where bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev was being questioned and informed him of his right to remain silent. landmarks on capitol hill say they were surprised that the judge was showing up. it came as news to them and they were not done with what they said had been a productive session with this terror suspect. lawmakers are now demanding to know why and how this happened and exactly who ordered it. the chairman of the house intel community mike rogers has written to eric holder asking why this judge decided to go to the hospital so early. did she decide to do it by herself? who in the intelligence community or the obama administration was consulted? katherine heritage has more. >> thank you. good afternoon. congressman rogers who receives regular updates on the investigation told fox news that he believes russian they had had more information and did not provide it to c.i.a. or f.b.i. in 2011. >> they let us peek under the curtain a little bit. they have very valuable information, "a" they should have provided it earlier and bms we
marathon bombings. police are searching for dzhokar tsarnaev going street to street looking for any sign of the 19-year-old suspect. we just learned we'll get an update from officials 5:30 eastern time out of the water town, massachusetts. this all started last night with reports of a fatal shooting and an attempted robbery in the 10:00 hour. a wild police chase ensued with the two suspects lobbing homemade bombs at police. a terrifying fire fight in the middle of the street around 1:30 this morning eastern standard time. [ gun shots ] >> bill: the older brother identified as suspect number one age 26 tamerian tsarnaev was killed in the fight. but dzhokar tsarnaev escaped at that pint. then they locked the area down tight. police in watertown, belmont, newton, camden, telling residents to stay in doors. transit system is shut down. buses aren't running, trains aren't running. businesses told to shut their doors for the day and police are going door to door trying to find suspect number two. they say he is armed and dangerous. his father not only does he believe his sons are innocent but
tracking down dzhokar tsarnaev do to a boat. how did they do that. mark fuhrman joins us. they almost did a surgical operation. he a alive, in custody, but it certainly was a great operation tonight, wasn't it? >> it certainly was. most of my questions since this perimeter was set up was it large enough and did the suspect before he was able to get outside the perimeter and was there enough personnel to seal it up. answer to both those questions is obviously yet. i have a feeling that he got as far as he could until the perimeter started closing in and he found that bet on. >> greta: what i don't understand, i hope in the days and weeks to come -- that this bombing was planned obviously. they had to make the bomb. they had to figure out a way to deliver them. they had to drop them and get out of there, but they stuck around. they didn't flee. this is their neighborhood, town and city. they never left. they never made a plan to get away. to me that is baffling. >> greta, i would agree. he can but i'm not sure he is going to answer that question. they didn't deploy all the ordinance at the
: might not be an enemy combatant about dzhokar tsarnaev will be armed to the teeth. not one, not two, but three public defenders defending them, and the criticism of the president, and it's costing us a bundle. >> dzhokar tsarnaev reminds behind me at this hospital in boston. his condition has improved. he is getting better, i guess you would say. he went from stable -- serious but stable conditions. now in fair condition, and from the court hearing held at his bedside yesterday with a federal magistrate. we're getting more insight into how he is doing. during the session yesterday, the magistrate asked him if he could afford a lawyer and the only time he said anything, it was one word, and it was, no, he couldn't afford a lure. she said he was aware of the nature of the proceedings ask will be defended by the federal program dealing in federal courts for those who are charged. he will have three public defenders and the trial could still be years ago. those three defenders make upwards of, al told, $160,000 a year. and on this gloomy and cold spring day here in boston, a day fitting
says dzhokar tsarnaev confessed he and his brother planned to go to new york after the boston marathon bombings. at first he said they were going to new york to party and then they changed their minds. they had a bomb and five pipe bombs left over and they planned to detonate in times square. >> they were going to drive to times square. >> michael bloomberg said if they had come to times square they would have found an enormous police presence after security was stepped up. the fbi has been interrogating dzhokar tsarnaev but now they they read him his rights dzhokar tsarnaev stopped talking. >>> in washington lawmakers heard chilling testimony about the threat from home grown terrorists. experts said that last week's attack proves home grown terrorists are out there and they said the threat is not limited to bombs. they testified domestic terrorists can access weapons like anthrax. >> with knowledge about laboratory techniques it would not be difficult to create a biological spread that could be harmful to a lot of people. >> response plans aren't strong enough. he recommends the fbi,
dzhokar is 40 miles west of here in boston. got the federal medical facility at devon, in the middle of the state, basically, near worcester. a decommissioned army base, houses a thousand male who need long-term medical and mental health issues and treatment. so he will be continuing his medical treatment there, and one of his fellow immaintains happens to be raj, the cofounder of the group, hedge fun, who was convicted would years ago of insider trading. he got 11 years, which means he won't get out of devon until july 4, 2021. now pack to the tsarnaev brothers. they're father was supposed to come to boston from russia, but now his wife, the brother's' mother, says the tripe is teach laid. she says that he is suffering from health problems, nerves, and high blood pressure. so she was in a car traveling to moscow. that trip delayed for now. obviously at some point he will go from moscow to boston, and as previously said, he wanted to come here to claim the body of his older son, tamerlan, who is now deceased, and try to visit dzhokar, but it is unclear if he will be able to visit dzh
the final chapter in the capture of dzhokar tsarnaev? >> well, this has been an extraordinary culmination of a day. for a longtime today, for several minutes, four, five, six, seven eight vehicles passed by this area. i'm on nichol street in east watertown. they sped to franklin street. at franklin street they made a left and there they were joined by other police forces surrounding a home there where the individual they were looking for, they felt was hiding. he was indeed hiding underneath a tarp. there was an efforts, i was told, by two police officers aknown mussy -- anonymously that they wanted to capture him alive. they fired tracer bullet into the air. i don't know if there was a gunfight as reported. i do understand that the suspect incurred injuries but some type of altercation, perhaps some type of gun fight ensued. >> suarez: do you know if there was an attempt to bring hostage negotiators to the scene to try to talk tsarnaev out of position he was in? >> i don't know the answer to that question. talking to police officers anonymously, they were under ordered not to talk to the
of dzhokar tsarnaev, upgraded today to fair. >> woodruff: plus, jeffrey brown examines the lessons learned for public safety officials about security at big events and gatherings. >> ifill: then, a powerful democrat, montana's max baucus, is the eighth senator to say he won't seek reelection next year. we look at why democrats are worried. >> woodruff: fred de sam lazaro reports on gender bias in india, where many parents still opt for baby boys over girls. >> the gap began to wideen in the '90s with new ultrasound machines that made it easy to learn a fetus's sex. this scans have led to the termination of millions of female pregnancies. >> ifill: and margaret warner talks with the author of a new book about shadow warfare waged by the c.i.a. and special forces. >> a week after 9/11 president bush gave the c.i.a. lethal authority to capture and kill al qaeda members so they become much more into the killing business and the military. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the e
against dzhokar tsarnaev. investigators won't say whether they've been begun questioning him in the hospital. he's unable to speak after being shot in the throat. fbi wants to speak with his wife's older brother -- i'm sorry, with his older brother who was killed in the shoot-out thursday night. dr. collins is here, head of north american maple croft. welcome. so, look, first of all, how complicating will this be for the investigation if they're unable to get him to speak? it sounds as though he's beginning to write. >> yes. thanks for having me on this morning. it's important in the beginning context and for this instance. so this is the first islamist attack on the united states since 9/11. in 2006, we had the liquid bomb plot that was foiled. and there's the underwear bomb plot in 2009. the times square plot in 2010. this is the first real attack since 2001. >> first successful attack is what you're saying. >> exactly. so it's quite a shock for the united states. in some ways, it's -- obviously, there's the two brothers involved in this incident. the older brother would ha
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